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posted on 02 July 2012 7/02/2012 04:23:00 AM
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Assalamualaikum. I miss my blog and you. hehe. Well i'm pretty busy lately. No time for blog, for social network. Danggg like a boss! Ahakkkks 
Okay last week, my lovely mom and mak buyung *naughty sister evahhh even she already 22 this year* came at my school to take a report card and alhamdulillah my results was pretty good *even no A's* hahaha cool what. 
I wish i can give my mom, my late dad, my family and myself good results on SPM. InsyaAllah :) 
Sometimes i'm get jealous with my friends who got excellent results than me. Ya Allah jealousnyaaa cause tak dapat yang terbaik mcm diorang. But i know, maybe Allah nak bagi lagi baik untuk saya. Being a SPM candidate is truly killing me. Slowly and slowly. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I hate this feeling. Siapa je kot yang taknak dapat excellent results in a huge exams like this kan? Orang gila pun nak tau. hehe
Bye now, i've to struggle more than now! No more excuses for myself. Yeahhhhh. Study study study study study study texting study study makan study study tidur study study study! *texting, makan, tidur wajib hadaa!!* Hehehehehe
Doakan yang terbaik untuk saya ya :) Havva blast guys!!

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