Sorry maybe i'm not good enough for you
posted on 12 February 2012 2/12/2012 07:57:00 AM
Assalamualaikum. Hi aliens. Ye saya tahu saya budak SPM tahun ni. Saya tahu saya kena struggle dari sekarang. For sake of my mom, late dad, whole family, my loves one, i will do my best to make you guys proud of me *kelip kelip mata* Yes memang tak sangka saya dh sebesar ni sekarang. Thanks for mom and late dad cause take cares of me since i was a little baby till now. Thanks again. Really appreciate it. And i proud to be your kid even i never make you proud of me. Mom and dad, i know i hurting you many times and i'm not good enough for being your daughter . People never being perfect. Yes everyone knew it. 
For sake of you, i will prove it that i can be like another kids. Promise :) 
I know my grammar was tunggang tebalik but at least i try. Isn't it? Hukhuk n.n I love to speaks a lot. A LOT k? I'm a talk active girl. Yes i knew it but sometimes if i got a problems, sorry dude, sorry mam, i cant to smile, to laugh and etc. Seriously. It's sucks. That's why i wanna be like a clown. But it's so hurting to pretending like everything is alright. I love to pretending but i hate to faking my smiles. Sucks sucks sucks! Ohh God please. I'm not a barbie. I'm dying inside. I dont know why lately i felt like myself got a lot of problems. Seriously i'm down. Ya Allah give me a strength. 
Dear you, Muhammad Syedi Aniff. People was changed. But not me sayang. I dont know why you said i was different lately. Seriously i'm not. I'm still me. Sorry if i'm not good enough for you. But frankly, i never loves people like i love you now. Sincerely me, your girl Humaira Aisyah
K salam. xx

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