shuhh shuhhhh
posted on 21 March 2011 3/21/2011 02:41:00 AM

hey people !
bakpe bakpe bakpe bakpe !!!! ngaaa...becy becy becy ! ohh shit...so suck la you sayang :))

hee bkp lha ngn ak neyh..sume yg ak nk,salu x dpt..umph ! so hate it..cm sial jea kam? sokey sokey...
bukan ak punye rezeki lha tuh...tp frust gk..eeee..
mmg bncy gile babun ah ! thn jea lhaa...kam x psl psl hancos ak punye bilik ..hee ~

sies,aty ak x tng bile npk sume tu td..waddaheck honey? :))sje jea kan nk wt ak ase cani..babun aa mu neyh sayang...ngaaa =='

so,lepas neyh,ak kne buang prasaan neyh sume..buang jauh jauh..blah blah ! jgn mai ag kt akuh..prasaan x gune ! mmg bncy gile kambing lau kne cani !

takpe aa..not in mud..opss...before dat...

bhase kasar sedikit..^.^

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